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For a variety of reasons, companies find it challenging to fully utilise the unique skills and abilities of the neurodiverse workforce (workers on the autism spectrum). As a result, these workers remain underrepresented on the labour market. The SourceAbled programme by the staffing company Rangam Consultants (a member of the American Staffing Association, ASA) seeks to connect US public and private Disability Support Agencies (DSAs) to companies looking for talent by creating conditions in which neurodiverse workers can thrive. Tailored training, job and workplace crafting, guidance and HR technology are all part of creating the environment for inclusive employment. For its efforts in promoting a neurodiverse workplace Rangam received the 2014 ASA Care Award.



Problem addressed

The USA faces a shortage of 47 million employees due to new job creation and retiring boomers, driving the need for new sources of talent. Despite their unique skills and abilities, neurodiverse workers have limited access to nationwide jobs. Disability support agencies (DSAs) are often ill-equipped to provide matching talent. Furthermore, even if companies do find talent, retention issues persist due to lack of awareness. As a result of these challenges, individuals with disabilities remain under-represented in the labour force.

Solution implemented

SourceAbled is a program which offers end-to-end consulting and staffing solutions, including HR technologies, to manage, track, and provide qualified candidates to support disability inclusion programs. It helps bridging the gap between corporations and networks of prequalified, fully vetted DSAs. It also empowers DSAs by offering a technology platform that they can use to go beyond their local reach and explore more opportunities nationwide.

In 2018, the American Staffing Association recognized and honored Matt Brennan, an individual on the autism spectrum who worked with SourceAbled.


➡ Schools (e.g. Eden Autism Services in Princeton, NJ)

➡ Autism Speaks


➡ consulting firms and staffing industry world leaders

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