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Ripples in Water

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To increase labour market inclusiveness and participation of people with disabilities, the Norwegian Federation of Service Industries created a dedicated programme together with employers, trade unions and the Labour and Welfare department. "Ripples in the Water" provides jobseekers with tailored support and training, while at the same time subsidies enterprises. Both big and small Norwegian enterprises have used the programme to recruit 1,900 workers. The budget for the programme is NOK 8 million (approx. €810.000).



Problem addressed

Norway faces challenges in ensuring inclusiveness of its labour market, notably with regards to people with disabilities. Only 45 % are currently employed. About 85 000 people with a disability are seeking for a job and no quota system exists. In addition, companies in Norway struggle to find qualified labour and need to activate a larger share of the potential workforce.

Solution implemented

Ripples in the Water encourages employers to recruit people with disabilities by setting a methodological approach to recruitment and job matching. Candidates receive the training they need, and the employer is sure to hire a candidate that brings added value to his company. Close follow-up of both the employer and the candidate is ensured both before, during and after employment.


✔ About


disabled people finding work each year


of candidates getting permanent positions

✔ About


companies signing up to the program

More than 3 times increased

recruitment by companies who are part of the program, showing the positive effects of improving corporate social responsibility


➡ Work and Inclusion (organisation for vocational rehabilitation providers)

➡ Labour and Welfare Administration

➡ Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions

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