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With growing numbers of refugees finding their way to Germany, Manpower Germany set up 12 'Welcome Centers' in 2015 to assess their employability, train them and help them find work. This involved acquiring language, trade skills and occupational qualifications. The programme has supported so far 2,200 refugees from seven conflict-torn countries in finding meaningful employment in Germany.



Problem addressed

More and more people flee their countries in hope of finding opportunity elsewhere. Whatever circumstances led them to flee their homes, refugees all share a hope of finding safety and stability-and employment helps make it possible. That's why it's vital-for humanitarian and economic reasons alike-that these refugees are able to find meaningful employment in their new countries.

Solution implemented

ManpowerGroup Germany has opened 12 "Welcome Center" branches, providing refugees with the training and resources they need to transition into the local workforce.

As a result, refugees found work in Germany, increasing diversity in the workforce and improving inclusiveness of the labour market.



refugees finding work in 2016-2018

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